Monthly Blogs By Miramar, FL Dentist, Dr. Barreto

Dr. Jesus Barreto, your top Miramar, FL dentist believes in the importance of education. Each month, we provide informative yet enjoyable blog posts on an array of dental topics. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to request a topic. 


Spring 2019

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Share the Dangers on No Tobacco


Winter 2019

Working for a New Year's Smile

How Exercise Affects Your Smile

Your Child's Smile


Fall 2018

Common Dental Injuries in Sports

Ways to Protect Your Teeth on Halloween

Ways to Make Your Holiday Meals Smile-Friendly


Summer 2018

Men's Oral Health Awareness

Prepare Your Smile for Vacation

Brushing Habits to Break


Spring 2018

Foods That Can Brighten Your Smile

April is National Facial Protection Month

Maintain Dental Care on Vacation


Winter 2018

Why You Should Avoid Snacks

Share the Importance of Children's Dental Health Month


August 2017

Are Veneers Right For You?


July 2017

Tips to Smile Bright This Summer


June 2017

What Is a Root Canal?