Tips to Smile Bright this Summer

By the time summer finally rolls around, most people are ready. We look forward to getting out of the routine a bit, having a bit more fun and ultimately getting the relaxation that our bodies desperately need. However, many people also get a bit lax when it comes to their dental routine. Instead of brushing and flossing twice a day, they may only do this once a day. In addition, they may eat foods that aren’t the best for you, depositing more sugar on their teeth than normal. So, how can you keep your teeth healthy this summer? Here are some great tips!

You are What You Eat!

While it may be tempting to eat whatever you want, remember that your teeth are going to be affected by whatever you eat. That’s why it’s important to keep your teeth in mind when picking out a snack. Here are a few food related tips to remember:
Have healthy snacks stocked up like fruits and vegetables
Avoid having tons of soda and fruit drinks in the house; lean more towards water for drinking

Travel Size Dental Products are a Must

When the summer rolls around, we are almost always on the move. That is why having travel size dental products is a must have. Go to your local store and make sure to pick up:
Travel size toothbrush
Toothpaste that is travel size
Mouthwash that is travel size 
Small floss packets
Through having the travel sizes, there is no reason that you should skip your regular dental routine while traveling this summer.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Summer time is a time of fun and relaxation, however, it can also be the most dangerous time for accidents to happen. Many people find that they chip their teeth when outdoors during the summer and need emergency dental treatment. For this purpose, be sure to have:
The contact information of your dentist with you, or stored into your phone
Consider using a dental emergency kit completed with gauze and cold packs for bleeding and swelling
Have fun this summer, but keep safety in mind when it comes to your teeth. Remember, just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that you can forgo your regular dental checkups with Dr. Barreto, your top dentist in Miramar, FL.